About Us

First organized by the Minnesota Music Coalition (MMC) in 2018, MN Music Month is an initiative to celebrate and promote our incredible musicians, bands, songwriters, and composers. Recognizing that there are a number of significant Minnesota music related events that occur in April, including Prince Remembrance Day, the MN Music Summit, Midwest Music Fest, and Record Store Day (just to name a few!), the MMC thought it would a great time to celebrate the whole month with all of its many musical offerings.

"There are so many exciting things happening in our Minnesota music scene,” says MMC Executive Director Ellen Stanley. “We wanted to celebrate the big festivals along with the community events, concerts and album releases that are happening all the time across the state. We're excited to shine a brighter spotlight on the independent artists, small businesses and supporters that make this such a vibrant music community."

This year, we will be partnering once again with supporters of MN music across the state to celebrate and promote artists, venues, businesses, fans and music students. Venues, radio stations, media, and music related businesses are all invited and encouraged to participate by featuring Minnesota artists at local events and in broadcast and media coverage across the state. We encourage everyone to get out and support your favorite Minnesota artists and participate online through live tweeting, streaming and sharing photos and video using the hashtag #MNMusicMonth on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. A full press kit is available for download at mnmusicmonth.com/presskit.

Thanks for supporting MN music all year round!